believe that it is more important than ever for buyers to acquire gold bullion as cost-effectively as possible.

The gold price surpassed the previous ATH in July 2020 and demand for gold bullion (and longer-term prices) are only headed in one direction. are passionate in their belief that it is more important than ever for buyers to make sure that they are acquiring gold bullion in the most cost-effective manner and explore a really compelling method for achieving this.

We have (in the APDG) what we believe to be the most compelling, cost effective method of acquiring gold bullion, but more about that a little later as we need to first look at why acquiring gold cost effectively has become such an issue….

For starters, the gold price surpassed the previous ATH in July 2020, fuelled to a large extent by the combination of a rush to safe haven asset classes in the wake of the global pandemic killing equities and constant central government money printing diluting the value of the US dollar against other asset classes.

The market consensus is for continued bullishness in the long term, coupled with short periods of volatility caused by traders taking profits, as was clearly highlighted by the $100+ price decline in a 24-hour period on 11th August 2020.

Motivations to buy gold remain as fundamental as solid and as varied as ever. 

For example, Day Traders are taking huge risks in an attempt to scalp profits from short term positions in gold, whereas Central Banks & Financial Institutions are looking to add to already vast reserves of gold bullion.

We have what we classify as “normal buyers”, so Ordinary Retail Investors all the way up to small Family Offices looking to acquire gold bullion:

  1. To diversify existing investment portfolios and reduce exposure to property and equities
  2. As a hedge against inflation and deflation.
  3. As a hedge against money printing policies
  4. To increase exposure to a respected safe haven asset class, in troubled times.
  5. To potentially profit from forecasted long term gold price rises.

In times of stagnant prices or lower volatility, normal gold bullion buyers would simply go online to one of the many retail gold bullion websites, pay the premium over market price and be resigned to having no other more cost-effective options.

This is not where the gold market is now.

There are those that foolishly try to buy cheap unrefined gold (on the ground) from Artisanal Miners in Africa or the jungles of South America and almost always fail spectacularly, at great cost to themselves. But until recently, there hasn’t really been a reliable and sustainable method of acquiring gold bullion in a more cost-effective manner. 

Introducing the APDG from Phoenix Precious Metals….

The APDG is simple in its methodology easily understood, offering the advance purchase of 99.99% gold bullion at LBMA (market) spot price. The gold is delivered to a secure Swiss Vault in equal amounts over a 24-month period and held in the buyers personal account, to which they are the sole custodian. APDG Purchasers receive direct confirmation of each monthly delivery from the Swiss Vault, along with monthly statements of account. Liquidity is built in as delivered gold can be easily sold for the prevailing spot (market) price at any time.

But here’s where it gets interesting, as APDG gold purchasers also receive delivery of additional gold bullion (equivalent to 1 ounce per 100K purchased) at no further cost, again delivered in equal instalments over the same period. It is the bonus gold element that creates the ‘effective discount”, which although price dependant, is currently in excess of 30%! 

So, to conclude: if you are a buyer (and assuming that cost effectiveness is important to you), contact now to find out more about the APDG from Phoenix Precious Metals.